Featured Cars

Featured Cars

1955 International Pickup

This pickup was an original farm truck for most of its life. After sitting in the field on the family farm for many years it was time to be restored. After completely disassembling the body and bed they were both stripped to bare metal. The straight axle front suspension was replaced with a Fatman Fabrications Mustang II and the rear leaf spring and shocks were also upgraded.

1934 Ford

This 1934 Ford came to our shop already a running street rod but dated. The doors would not shut properly and needed some body work repair. The body was removed from the chassis and completely stripped to bare metal. The running boards were replaced with new smooth steel. The engine side covers were customized with stainless steel mesh and side trim from a 1937 Ford.

1957 Cadillac

This 1957 Cadillac started out as an original 62,000 mile cruiser that turned into a big block custom. The front suspension was removed from the firewall forward and replaced with a full Fatman Fabrications Mustang II front clip. The rear axle was changed out to a Moser 9" with disc brakes. The original 365 cubic inch motor and Hydromatic transmission was replaced.

1948 Chevy

This 1948 Chevy started as an original untouched car being painted one time in the early 80's. The cars body was completely disassembled and many subtle custom body modifications were performed. The rear door handles were shaved and are now operated via remote control. The cars trunk was smoothed of the tag mount and handle.